What device do you use?


Just got an upgrade:
iPad Pro 10.5”
iOS 11.4.1
64g, 10X chip
4GB Ram

Powerful, graphics… excellent Retina display, multitasking with ease, runs so fast & smooth on I.F., absolutely no lag, no overheating!

The only difference between the 10.5” and the 12” is the resolution, size of display, and battery power (watts)… that’s it 👉🏼 (source: https://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/specs/ ) So the new iPad Pro 10.5” is as powerful as the 12” just smaller and thinner. So iPad lovers, the reviews for this iPad is thru the roof! If your looking for an iPad to run Infinite Flight that’s not bulky or heavy… if you can afford it, this is it!


Samsung S9+, Very fast, All graphics on high,never had lag yet. Very good option for people who despise lag. Other than that great battery lasts about 5 hours when running long flights.


ipad pro Everything maxed out. Pretty impressive. I use the 3d pro joystick via liveflight connect. Everyting runs smooth.


iPad 2017 9.7 inch. Runs really smoothly on high graphics.


Tablet: IPad Pro 12.9 1st gen
Phone: S8+

The iPad runs perfectly. The phone has issues keeping up with everything set to the best setting.

I’d like to get my hands on an Android tablet as well.
Shame the Nvidia Shield is no longer available. A price of $150, that was mentioned above, sounds really good. Too bad.


Atm i only use a Sony Xperia XA2 but im switching to the huawei mate 20 pro when its released


The Huawei P20 Pro is released…and has been for a while.


I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch screen.
I also use my Samsung S8


I use the Samsung galaxy s9 and it sucks because infinite flight doesn’t even cover the entire screen, nevertheless I have no leg problems with Graphics on high!


Are there any problems with the S8 and IF, I am getting a new phone and looking at getting an S8.


I use Ipad mini 4 and its great


Hey guys, I’m always looking for more devices to add to this ever growing list, any chance you could take a look and give me your interpretation on your device?

It’s a community built list so your input would be massively appreciated!


If you download and activate game tools, you can set the screen resolution to cover the full screen!
By default it should be installed on your device, if not head over to Google Play where you can find it there!


iPad Pro 9.7 inch for longhaul, iPhone SE for short-haul


I use my Ipad air 2 and works very well with all graphics in high


I use my iPhone X for short stuff or lien testing (landings) and I use my iPad 10.5 inch for all main flights


iPad air2…


Samsung Galaxy S8, it cool and nice graphic, too.


Im talking about the mate 20 pro not p20 pro, mate 20 pro will be better since it will have the Kirin980 and not the 970