What device do you use to view the community

PC or Phone?

Just wondering because I built my website on a PC, so it’s going to look better - on a pc

I use both.

  • Phone
  • PC
  • Tablet

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Thank you,

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Need an option for both


iPad,iPhone, pc and a desktop

It’s changed

Thanks mate. I generally use both depending on what I find first 😂

I mainly use the iPhone and iPad.

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I use my iPad

Need an option for tablet, please.

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I use my iPad.

All I do is done from my iPhone

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I am using a PC for the first time. I usually use my IPhone.

I use my PC when I want to be act like a forum moderator (maybe some day) and my phone/tablet when I just want to browse

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I use both

I use my PC, iPad, and iPhone for the community. When I’m at home, I avoid using my iPhone for the community and use the PC or tablet instead.

PC - 99%
iPad - 0.5%
Phone - 0.5%

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Always my iPhone and iPad XD