What device do you use for Infinite Flight?

The small as hell iPhone 8 SE

I have the exact same setup

The word “smart” being associated with me is not supposed to be legal or possible. But I’ll allow it.

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Per forum rules, there can only be one. Muahahahaha.


wait a minute, @ToasterStroodie does this mean all your hours go to @ItsBlitz?

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We are starting to get a little off topic. Can we hop back to the original question please.


With 6S, I put all settings on high but turned off anti aliasing. Turns out to be smooth even when multiple aircrafts nearby.

I can’t even use medium without some considerable lag lol. It’s weird, because the game doesn’t really crash it just runs at low FPS. First day of 20.1 I did a 13 hour overnight on medium (when the servers were super overloaded) and it was totally fine except it ran like 5 FPS the entire flight, device didn’t even heat up. Maybe it’s because I have LFR on? Not sure.

I also enabled LFR and still no problem … though I seldom do long haul😂
Recently I did LAX-SFO in Solo and tested multiple graphic configurations. All high and no anti aliasing worked well. Then I tried flying into ASE in expert with multiple aircrafts on the ground, and it ran without much lag.
I suggest you work your way up to find the best settings.😄

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iPad Pro 2018

I use an iPad Air 3rd Generation

An iPhone 8+!

The brand new 8th Gen IPad. It runs everything so smoothly and at high graphics.

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The air?

nah, the brand new regular ipad 8th gen not the air or pro, the normal ipad

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I have an iPhone XR, wish I had an iPad too though

I wanted some feedback because I use my phone which works fine but if im flying I cant be on my phone :\

I have been looking into some iPads especially the new one, how is its performance?


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the brand new one is pretty nice, new specs and stuff. great battery life too. The best part… $329 USD

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Samsung A8, although I’m looking to get a tablet soon

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Huawei P30 Lite 4GB Ram👍🛫