What device do you use for Infinite Flight?

iPhone XR
IPad 7th Gen
iPhone 11

iPad Pro, 2018. Works great!

You should ask @Rolls

Ipad Pro 2019, or Iphone 11 pro. Both are amazing!

For anyone who has the new iPad Air, can you give some feedback on using it on IF?

The new iPad Air 4 (2020) hasn’t been released yet. I’m sure those who get it and are here on the forum will mention it on this thread.

I play on the 1st generation Ipad pro 12.9 inches it runs great with no bugs and no crashes!

I hope you understandHTB13.mUe9tYBeNjSspaq6yOOFXac.jpg_350x350

What’s your settings?

Oh and btw what’s LFR?

Oops ahaha, I saw it had been at the apple event but I didnt realize that It wasn’t for sale yet, sorry!

Are you saying mine is trash or someone else haha?

Mine is thrash lol

oh haha i bet it’s not bad

Not really it’s a Poco f1 like 20-60 fps mostly in the middle on live cockpit planes and goes to 60fps while on non live cockpit planes

oh nvm that’s a bummer

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2019 Samsung A50 Smartphone

What does LFR means?

Limit Frame Rate, it’s a setting.

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Oh ok thank you

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