What device did you use to setup phpvms?

Hi everyone! I am currently creating a VA and am in the market for a new device. In the future, I plan to set-up a real crew center using phpvms. I was wondering what device you used to create your crew center. Also, could I use an Ipad Pro? Thanks!

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You need to use a pc.

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By the way, you can ask questions here.

Okay, thanks I am going to wait for a few more responses.

It is required you have a PC as files are imported and downloaded through Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. It is possible with a ChromeBook and the Files application. It is not compatible with mobile since you also need an FTP manager which is only available on Windows or Mac.

Just the response I was waiting on thanks for the input, my MacBook got broken (never put your laptop in checked baggage)on vacation so I am using my Chromebook, are there any applications that are good for Chromebooks.

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I use a chromebook, since I don’t have a MacBook until January next year. If you use Infinityfree, go into the CPanel and use the Online File Manager.

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if you need help message me, I’d be happy to help

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