What’d happened to IFAO?

Not sure if I’m getting the right place for this question…
I had been on IF 1.5 yrs ago and was quite active in the IFAO group. Dropped out of IF due to some personal adjustments later and just rejoined the IF community about one month ago. And then IFAO seemed to vanish without a trace… (at least I’m still unable to find out what happened to the group.)
I PM Hendrix for info 3 wks ago but haven’t received any word from him.
Can any one tell me what had happened to it? (PM is fine.)
Thanks in advanced🛬🛫

It has become inactive. I was looking through the archives on here and saw a post that mentioned the inactivity which I’ll link here, but otherwise I could find no posts in detail about what happened.
Continuing the discussion from [Old] Virtual Airlines Database:


Thank you, Laura, for such a quick n great help!!
Really appreciate it 🛬🛫

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