What cpu and ram i need for this game

hello i have question what cpu and how much ram i need for this game, i want play with a lot of people in global server like 100-200+ poeple in one aiport?

Check this out! :D


What phone/ipad you planning to play one ?

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I’d personally recommend 3GB’s or more of ram for busy airports, I personally don’t know which cpu will do the job as I am not knowledgeable in Mobile CPU’s. I could try and give an equivalent but at this time I can only reccomend 3GB’s of ram

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You will almost never see this. This is a very rare occurrence for large events. The average amount of users in an IFATC controlled airport is about 10-15 on the ground and another 10-20 in the airspace.


If you want an iOS device buy any current gen iPad or iPhone they work perfect and will be as long lasting and reliable as Edinburgh Castle. I’m not great for any android device outside of the major brands, but any probably 2+GB of ram and a recent Exynos cpu will do you plenty and more

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Hi @Rokas_Ruzgys, good to see you back again.

As stated by altaria above, there’s little point in having this as a goal. The simulator won’t actively display more than 20 aircraft at a given time, even if there are more than 50 people actively at an airport.

In regards to a RAM requirement, you should never run on a minimum amount. Most modern devices have anywhere from 4gb all the way up to 16gb. Infinite flight recommends a minimum of 1gb, so I’d personally say get a device with at least 3gb as your OS and other applications are also going to use up the RAM on your device.

Having plenty of onboard storage is also helpful, IF can use up quite a lot of device storage when all aircraft and replays are using up space. A minimum of 32gb is a good recommendation.

Now in regards to processors, for an android device, a Snapdragon 765G/ 835 or newer should be more than enough for a smooth playable experience. If you are looking at Samsung, the 10 series exynos devices are currently experiencing crashes, and the Mali GPUs are somewhat underpowered compared to their Adreno counterparts. I would personally stick to Snapdragon, it’s the gold standard for Android devices. I’ve used devices with a SD801, 821, 835, 845 and 855, all of them with exception of the 801 perform fine.

For iOS, anything from the last 2 years or so will give you a decent experience. I can’t say for sure, but the Device Compatibility Thread (linked in the first reply) lists pretty much all recent iOS device.


1-3gigabytes of ram I think

I don’t think so @Planeviation. If you’re looking to run it on maximum graphics at a busy airport then you’ll need at least 3GB. But as Kirto mentioned, the device compatibility thread is a great reference.


Download some RAM.

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Yeah, 2gb of RAM on my iPad 2019 model is not enough for good performance (it kinda sucks sometimes), I get much better performance on my phone with 12GB RAM
(Not that you even need even close to that 😂, but yeah around 3-4gb should be good from my experience)

Sounds like the standard MSF2020 question lol :D
Good news: as you’ve already seen, you don’t need any kind of NASA Computer to get a decent experience :)

My iPad Pro 2020 with 6 go of ram runs the game very well, but so did by 2gb iPad Pro 9.7 until the A350 update. 3-4gb is great and is the standard now, but the more ram, the longer the app will run with full graphics :)

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