What counts as an ATC operation?

Hi, so around 2 hours ago i was a ground and a tower controller in KLAX training server, and i was a controller for around 30 minutes but, i only got around 15 or 16 operations even though it was quite busy. So, im wondering what counts as an ATC operation? (Asking cause i need 500 of them to become IFATC and im on 489 so i want to know how to make them so i can be able to be IFATC as quickly as possible)

i believe an operation is anytime you clear an aircraft for takeoff or landing.


Ohhhh, havent thought of that. Thanks

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Radar gives a lot of ops


Thanks for the advice!

But then if thats the case how do operations count if youre only controlling ground or center for example?


True, but it’s better to do tower/ground since that’s the first two frequencies you’ll learn to control in the IFATC (if that is, one is intending on applying for the IFATC)


Yes, but the difference is crazy. The amount of ops you can get with radar is light years ahead of local. Also, controlling local or radar at lax on Ts probably won’t be of much help for applying to IFATC, it is mainly training and/or an atc tracking thread


Thank you!

Have been curious about this and the results are quite confusing. Did a controlled experiment and the counts don’t make sense.

Test 1:

3 Ops Counted; taxi clearance, takeoff clearance, landing clearance.

Test 2: Same airport, same departure runway; different taxi route which included a back-taxi, followed by take-off clearance, and landing clearance.

2 Ops Counted

Test 3: Same airport, same departure runway; same taxi route as Test 2 with back-taxi, but added contact ground when clear in between the take-off clearance, and finally landing clearance

0 Ops Counted

There’s no rational explanation for this. What’s more interesting is the total number of ops only increased by 3; not the “5 counted” (Total = 1742 prior to Test 1; Total = 1745 after Test 3 completion and app restart)

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Ohhhh weird. Hope someone can look into this!

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Operations are weird and sometimes make no sense. Only certain essential commands count as an operation. As for the zero operations counted, that could be a visual bug. I’ve had busy local sessions but when I ended the session it showed zero ops gained. However, after an app restart I saw my total operation count go up.

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Yea idk it’s weird

The same 3 principal commands were given in all 3 tests. The count shouldn’t have been less than 3 in the subsequent tests.

Typically the Total Ops doesn’t update with the end of session report and requires an app restart to update unless it’s not the first session.

The tests showed a total of 5 Session Ops. Total Ops Count only increased by 3. 🤷🌪🤔

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