What counts as a landing?

I haven’t bought live in about a month so I bought it about two days ago. When I was changing my callsign, it said I was grade 3 and it was because I only had 95 landings instead of the required 100. So I’ve been doing many touch and goes but I still have 95 landings. So as the title says, what counts as a landing?


You should restart Infinite Flight, I think

I have noticed that it doesn’t always count so I try to always exit the runaway and then taxi back on to it on playground when there aren’t any other players on the server it’s unrealistic but it makes sure that you get your landings up

If you bounce and just lift off again, it doesn’t count as a landing. Your touch and goes should consist of a firm plant and roll before gunning it and taking off again.


Continue with good doing of touch and goes but to count up the landings along with XP goes like this. Land as smoothly as possible, a really hard landing may not be counted as a landing therefour make your landings smooth. Furthermore while rolling on the runway for landing make sure that you have slowed below 50 knots (ground speed) then be sure to accelerate back down the runway for another takeoff. Works wonders with me. :)

Yes I agree I like to be sure as I did around 20 touch and go’s sand they didn’t count so I exit the runaway but I did notice after that if you slow down then it will also count as its like you have landed and slowed your aircraft down rather then a go around

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Check on http://infinite-flight.com

If you use LiveFlight Connect on Windows, when the “Last Landing Stats” box updates, that means the landing is detected and considered a true landing. A quick bounce on the runway and back up in the air does not register.

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Did you end the flight?if not you can’t even get hours too…same case when the app crashes…you have to wait for it to load after ending the flight…only XP is earned as you fly✌

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All gears have to touch ground so can’t be only main gears.

No, I think the mains are enough. But you need to roll more than a few feet before lifting off again.

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