What content appeals to the IFC?

I’m looking on making it big in photography and graphic design in the IFC.

I’m making #screenshots-and-videos posts, getting a lot of views, average likes, and only a few comments.

I tried making the posts there informational, y’know, a bit more “interesting”

Didn’t do the trick.

I’m also leaning towards making PFPs on the IFC’s official thread, maybe that could give me a boost.

On the other hand, I also have an Instagram account @fly.akm if you’d like to drop a follow.

I started off growing pretty fast, and just hit a plateau, I’m looking forward to 100, but it’s just a mix of unfollows and follows.

I know there are hundreds of accounts that have over 1K, and grow like they’re acting out Lightning McQueen, and I have no idea how.

So, in summary, what looks good to you guys? Is it detail on a post? Beautiful waters? Different angles? Moonshots? Or is it just patience that I need to have?

Let me know!

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I like content that are unique, for example, unique angles, aircraft, locations, anything unique, really. As for the community though, I noticed that most people tend to like posts with moonshots, beautiful scenery as well as well-executed shots. And yes, you do need some patience, not everyone will “make it big” as they first start out. Nonetheless, I’d just like to link a community tutorial which was very well done by community member Suhas, hopefully that’d be able to help you in some way! :)

All the best :)


Yes, for sure try new things, show the community something they haven’t seen before. Nicholas linked my topic above which will hopefully help. Some examples could be: Virtual Spotting, some timelapses, formation flights, etc. Try something different each time. Variety is the spice of life!

In terms of graphic design, I also do some myself. Just being in a few VA’s and VO’s, people ask me to make graphics frequently, whether it be a banner, logo, or whatever. Also make a few profile pictures. So just help out where you can, really. You can offer to help people out, and build a reputation for yourself, which might qualify as “making it big” for you.

Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask! :)


Thank you so much guys! I just looked through your tutorial, and wow!

I’ll try drafting a few ideas and projecting them!

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