What constitutes an "important message" when frequency is busy?

When ATC instructs that the frequency is busy - important messages only - what are some examples of important (or unimportant messages)?
Should I acknowledge ATC instructions or is that jamming up the frequency?


Request take offs, taxis, and pushback.

Don’t reply back.

Only acknowledge

Maybe like request takeoff if your next.

“Is on final” when cleared to land.


That would be an example of what you shouldn’t say.


Do not say that even when no one else is around, this is incorrect.


Making primary calls such as taxi/pushback requests (and runway crossings if necessary) on ground, and only takeoff requests and calling inbound on tower. DO NOT report what leg of the pattern you are on (or are entering), say any misc. messages (such as thank you or sorry), or transmit duplicate requests (which shouldn’t happen to start with).


Well you should always reply back. Just wait when the time is right to say something

Yes, always acknowledge commands ATC has issued to you.

Really not so much about timing and when you say it… more about what you say.

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You should only request take off when first in line at the hold short anyway!

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That’s what I meant but I didn’t know how to say it.

Important messages indicate anything significant for your course of flight. Most unnecessary commands asked by pilots,when atc is super busy are:

  1. with u with u with u
  2. is on final,is on base,is on downwind
  3. requesting VFR and flight following multiple times
  4. requesting altitude change( for ascend and descend) - no altitude requests needed in flight following or VFR
  5. standby standby
  6. going around going around
  7. executing missed approach …

And most importantly,avoid asking FF especially after ur assigned an ILS. The controller has not forgotten about you. Look around you at your airspace. He maybe busy vectoring others as well. VFR or FF doesn’t allow anyone to skip a landing sequence at their will.

Do Not use these commands when ATC is busy! Apart from the list above,most others are relevant.


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