What constitutes a "landing"?

What exactly consitutes a “landing” for purposes of increasing your landings count?

I know that a full stop landing and a T&G count, but what exactly is required of the plane—do all tires just need to simultaneously contact the runway for an instant, however short? Is it enough for at least 1 tire to contact the runway? Do my tires have to remain on the runway for a fixed length of time?


If you want it to count I always fully touch down, slow down to around 50 knots AS then take off again, it’s the only way to guarantee the landing counts


I just stay for like 5-10 seconds

Plant the main gear for a few seconds to be sure. There is a landing stats display I added to liveflight connect for Windows that will only update when a landing is detected. You can experiment with that if you’re interested.

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