What commercial aircraft will dominate the market in the next decade?

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The current current chapter of comercial aviation is coming to an end. Aircraft are becoming more efficient and are able to fly longer distances is at a faster speed. Unfortunately, this means that airlines are dumping aircraft like the 747 or older 737s (which once dominated their respective markets), and replacing them them new aircraft.
This means that many of the newer aircraft coming out might have a big chance of being top dog in their market as the next decade comes around the corner. What aircraft do you think these will be? Vote on the polls below or tell us in the comments.

What do you think will be the go-to regional aircraft for airlines in the next decade?

  • Bombardier CRJ series
  • Bombardier CS series
  • Embraer E2 series
  • Mitsubishi Regional Jet
  • Doesn’t exist yet
  • Other (comment what)

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What aircraft will dominate the domestic market in the next 10 years?

  • Airbus A320NEO series
  • Boeing 737MAX series
  • Bombardier CS series
  • Doesn’t exist yet
  • Other (comment what)

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What new aircraft will be the new king of long haul routes in the next decade?

  • Airbus A330NEO
  • Airbus A350
  • Airbus A380Plus
  • Boeing 737MAX
  • Boeing 777X
  • Boeing 787
  • Doesn’t exist yet
  • Other (comment what)

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CS series isn’t really regional is it?


The CS100 could be used as a large regional aircraft.


The A320NEO would be the most successful I reckon. They also have more orders.


I think most of the 737MAX orders are still to come, being that the first was only just recently delivered.


That’s a very real possibility. Only 6 have been delivered compared to 100+ from Airbus so it’s not really proved itself yet.


Honestly I think international market would be the ugly 797 and the awesome 777X, but it’s really based on area.
For example the airlines in the U.S. are falling more towards the 737MAX versus the A320NEO although some airlines are getting the neo in the u.s. And In Europe and Asia they are more fans of the Airbus a320NEO’s.
And then most European airlines are showing interests in the 777X versus nobody in the U.S. wants the 777X just yet.
But then EVERYBODY wants the 787.
And we also don’t know where but airlines are showing interest to the 797.

Thanks very much this is just what I have seen.


It better be the Bombardier C-Series. My taxpayer dollars have gone towards bailing out Bombardier and I hope the government can get their money back.

Keep in mind the A320-737 rivalry will most likely not have a clear winner. No single aircraft will dominate the market or be discernibly more successful than the other. Both aircraft have thousands of firm orders with a relatively small initial investment. We have established the A320 and 737 are quite close to each other in terms of overall value to airlines and there will be no clear winner. The development we should be watching is the new narrowbody clean-sheet design from Boeing and Airbus. Whenever that happens.

None of the above. Unless Boeing botches the 777X and it is way too heavy to be useful, the 777X, A350, and 787 will occupy different places in the long-haul aircraft market. The 777X is heavier than the A350, and the 787 is lighter than the A350. There is no winner here since the aircraft do not compete with each other. They will have a peaceful coexistence and they will all be useful to airlines.


I’m not gonna argue with the Boeing fanboys on the 777X; the 777 is currently killing the long haul game and as much as I love the A350, being realistic Boeing have a good proportion of the long haul game sown up for them there.

However I’ve gotta say, Airbus have placed the A320NEO perfectly. Beats the MAX into service by more than a year and already reasonably widespread in some fleets, winning the orders race as of today 5100-3800. Both have achieved their goal but Airbus have just delivered that bit quicker and cleaner meaning they can lure some of the European/Asian operators away from their 737s.

I’d invite some of the 65% to tell me why the 737MAX is better.


You raise a good point, Boeing has pumped out 777-300ERs at 100 annually for quite a while and those aircraft will make up the backbone of many airline’s fleets. But many 777-300ER operators are moving to the A350-1000 to replace the 777-300ERs. The 777-8/9X are waiting for orders that may or may not show up. I would imagine a couple more airlines will opt to take the 777X eventually, but much more reluctantly compared to the 777-300ER, which was apparently the best thing since sliced bread.

The 777X is heavier than the current 777, many airlines are uncomfortable with the weight in the face of softening global air passenger and cargo demand. They don’t want to be paying for capability they may not be able to use.

I’m not saying the 777X is useless, but Boeing’s current 777 customer base is nowhere close to being “sewn up” when it comes to the 777X.

The performance difference between the 737 and A320 is very slim. Both aircraft are reliable, mature machines airlines know well. There are different operational advantages for the two aircraft and airlines have to decide which one to take based on what they care more about and what they’re willing to sacrifice. There is no clear superiority between the two aircraft, one airline will want the Airbus’ advantages and another airline will want the Boeing’s advantages. It doesn’t make one aircraft better than the other, they are just good at different things.


MaxSez: @IceBlue@Danman@Chatta290… If it ain’t “Boeing” it ain’t going! And you can take that to the bank, Ya!


Let’s see if those new GE engines on the 777x help displace the larger weight burden with impressive fuel efficiency.

The extended length, single isle plane that Boeing hinted at and is being called the “797” is being designed to compete with the a321 and fill the whole left by the 757.

The MOM will be larger than the 757.


the B797 or the B757 replacement

It’s the same thing. the 797 and 757 replacement

The only reason I chose the 777x over th 787 is cause the Dreamliner dominates the long haul market today… that being said the 777x and 787 should dominate the long haul market for th next 20-30 years

When Boeing eliminates the 747, it said that the 777X will be the future of the large pax aircraft travel. I say that says enough for that category.

The 777 series will dominate the global markets for decades to come

The 777-X has a record breaking amount of orders. Emirates even plans to buy 150 of them(according to Boeing)!!