What Command To Use On Unicom

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Earlier I Was Taxiing At EGCC To runway 5R, which requires using Backtaxi, so what should I Announce On Unicom?

you can just announce takeoff as per normal as a takeoff clearance allows for backtaxi and takeoff too


Ok, Thanks!

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If there isn’t a taxiway loop such as at Manchester and London City, then announce that you’re taking off. If there is one, announce you’re crossing the runway

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As @Raidon23 and @A_Hippopotamus so well said, the best command is to announce a take-off of the runway concerned.
Then all other planes will have to make a Hold Short.
It is in this essential to check if there is not a plane on final approach (to avoid a collision 😉) before starting the back taxi.

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