What command do I use?

So I was setting up a flight plan. I set London Luton as my origin airport and made a long route around the whole map, landing back at the same airport. So for this type of route, would I use I use remaining in the pattern or direction of Departure when taking off? Thanks!

Direction of departure. If you say you’re remaining in the pattern then the Controller will expect you to be staying with them and planning to do touch and goes (as an example). Check the #tutorials page for more info on how to work with the ATC. Specifically Aernout’s 'Which ATC to contact when’ is very useful. Hope that helps!


You do not have to said rimaning in the pattern but ask for departure w,n,e or s

Calsign_____ requesting takeoff E S W N

Request for straight out or where ever you’re heading.

If confused just think of it like this, the pattern surrounds the airport at a set distance and altitude. This is in close proximity to the airport and you enter the pattern if you wish to land/touch and go/any affiliation with the airport. If you are planning to leave the towers airspace and return later for a landing this is not “remaining in the pattern” because the pattern doesn’t extend far from the runway and you are leaving the airports airspace. Think of it as taking a flight to another place and returning later

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I had this problem at the airport you were controlling today in Advanced. Thanks for the help though!

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