What comes after the A330?

As the 757-200 rework is about to roll out of the workshops and come out, the Airbus A330 is about to rol in. But the question is that after the A330 also comes out, what comes next to be reworked or added?

I think that as the A340 is nearly the same as the A330, it would be easy to quickly also rework that an drelease it. Or soemthing i think that is completley left out of every single mobile filght simulator; the Russian planes. I think that it would be realy cool if we could see something like the TU-154, TU-134, IL-18 or something as that come out with all of those retro liveries.

Or as the 747 is nearly fully extinct as a passenger plane, it would be really cool seeing a rework of this beauty…


Hi there,

Nobody knows what will be developed after the A330. There are a number of factors that go into the selection of what is included in a release and right now it is too premature to speculate.