What city or state do you like to fly over in IF?

Cancún or Nassau

Caribbean flights. The scenery over the Bahamas is amazing.

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Well…I don’t have to say much, just look at the name.

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Very much so

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atlantis is cool.

Colorado is a nice state. It has boring plains to the east and snowy mountains to the west.


Hong Kong 🇭🇰, my home city and there is lot of high mountains

A nice flight is PANC Alaska heading south following the coast line to KLAX California.

All of them.

I like flying over the cyclades but my favourite landing is Tivat, Montenegro with the 20 degree turn 15 seconds before landing. there’s also the circle to land approach where you circle just before touchdown to avoid the mountains C:


For me it’s definitely flying in the alps. Especially LOWI (Innsbruck) is always worth a landing. The landscape during approach is simply stunning.

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Yeah that’s nice too. Places like Turin, Geneva, Basel Innsbruck make me happy. I’m flying to Innsbruck today on an easyJet A319 actually.

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