What city or state do you like to fly over in IF?

My favorite city to fly over in Infinite Flight is New York City.

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Mine is definitely Athens.


Mine is Florida 🏝 🌊

Florida is a state, not a city 🤣


California and Wisconsin are my favorites, it’s nice to see places you’ve been from the air

Definitely the area around Hong Kong. Not only is there great scenery from the landscape, but also multiple huge cities in one small area. For example, Hong Kong itself, Shenzen, Guangzhou, Macau etc.

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Santiago de Chile area thoses mountains are just gorgeous

Florida is its own country tbh😂


I definitely would love to fly over Hoth The Empire Strikes Back GIF by Star Wars - Find & Share on GIPHY

But for now the Antarctica is also okay till we get Planet Hoth 😂


I can confirm

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I love to fly over Tokyo and Singapore. Both located beautifully and both are the places I dream of visiting

Singapur?,anyways my favorite place to fly over is Las Vegas and or New York.

You mean Singapore… I think.

Oh well, I wrote it the way I would write it in my native language German lol

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Oh, makes sense

Happend to me so often also with other States that i wrote it in German 😂

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I like flying over Juneau, Alaska.


That’s a very nice view!

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I invite you to fly in Ecuador, airports with good approach challenges and incredible landscapes.

Anywhere in Turkey has always been a treat to overfly. Antalya, Istanbul, Samsun, all that.