What Causes a "Radioactive" Chemtrail?


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I thought it was a comet☄

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It was a NASA rocket carrying a satellite. There were storms in the area previously before launch which left a lot of moisture in the air, causing this glare from the rocket.


I thought this would have answered the question as well.

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I swear I thought that was an atlas V rocket 🙄

NASA doesn’t build rockets. It’s either the ULA Delta IV, ULA Atlas V, or the SpaceX Falcon 9.


Since when?
I might be wrong though. :)

Since the last flight of the space shuttle. There are currently no launch system in service right now that belongs to NASA. NASA currently builds satellites and other spacecraft and pays private companies like SpaceX and ULA to launch them. SpaceX charges 75-135 million dollars per launch on their Falcon 9 rocket. ULA charges anything from 125 to around 200 million dollars per launch on their Atlas V rocket, or upwards of 400 million dollars to launch something really heavy on their Delta IV-heavy rocket. It is apparently cheaper for NASA to launch their spacecraft this way.


Ah, okay.
I don’t know so much about modern rockets and stuff. Old ones are my favourites. :)

lol @The_Greatest_Basket, Me either. I automatically assumed NASA when talking about rockets. 😂😂😂😂😂

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