What can make infinite flight more realistic?

I’ve been flying and I really don’t know how to make infinite flight as realistic as possible?


Try Infinite Flight Assistant. Its a paid add-on which gives extra call-outs etc.
Also I’d track my flight on Liveflight, it’s a website there you can track your flight.
I’d use airport charts and checklists also.


IF checklists, real life aviation ckecklists used by pilots applied to IF. Free, and very realisitc.

I like to fly in current time. I make it so my flight has the same aircraft, flight number, and airline as it does in real life and I try to get the same gate if its possible. I depart around the time the flight does IRL.


Thanks guys I’ll try to use some of them (aka free addons) and try using more the same callsign and aircraft

You could also use SID/STAR/Approach charts from sources such as Navigraph and use resources such as FlightAware and FlightRadar24 to model routes of RL flights.


Go through #features… there’s literally hundreds of things.

However, what we have is amazing. And although there’s a lot more to do, the devs work really hard. They want to see this sim be realistic as much as you do.


@ThomasThePro. Tom I suggest you consider IF Assistant & IF Operations both add ons and available at the Apple App Store.
I never fly without these App’s plugged in. Other than that learn the language of aviation and procedure. A handy free publication from FAA that covers all the bases is the “Airplane Pilots Handbook” which is free Fromm faa.com. The link for the pub is contained in a Topic with the noted title.
Regards, Max


Thanks @Maxmustang but don’t have an apple and I need an free addons

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I really wished phones were like pc where you could just mod games and such where as you could change engine sound add buildings clouds etc

I think it comes down to what “realistic” means to you. Some people fly real world routes. Spawning at real world gates, etc. Some people go a step further and do accurate fuel loads, flight plans, etc. Some just do simple things like taxiing without strobes on.

The add ons mentioned above are a great way to increase realism.


@ThomasThePro… “Free”, nothings free except “IF Operations”.
Don’t think you need an Apple Device if your system/phone has the correct operating system. Pls don’t cry poor mouth, get a job or ask G’Pop. No Mos…

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@Maxmustang it’s not the money it’s that I just don’t want to use my money on addons

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@ThomasThePro But those addons make your flights more realistic and if you want it to be more realistic like said above you said consider these I think @Maxmustang did a good job of explaining this and how he never flies with out them and the Pilots hand book

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I agree with you, those addons such as IF Operations though cost some money its not that expensive and its really worth it! Like I honestly can’t fly without it anymore, just feels weird and as if something is missing. The warning sounds, and first officer voicing actions makes its all the better.

Now if you want to take it a step further, I suggest using Infinite Passengers though a pretty crappy addon now for other things. It has realistic cabin and flight attendant voices (safety demonstration, preparing cabin for takeoff and landing etc, and the music that is played by each airline!) this really takes realism even further! Unfortunately in this world, most of the times you have to shell out if you want more/quality.

Along with the things mentioned above, use the departure charts, approach charts, gate parking etc to make your flight as realistic as possible. Happy flying! :)

For me I use in flight assistant and Infinite Flight Crew which gives you boarding and safety audio. I also use live flight and fpltoif.com to make accurate flight plans

Along with In-Flight Assistant, I use Infinite Passenger as well, and use Airline mode in Infinite Passenger to “progress” on the kinds of planes “I can use” (buying new planes with money earned on previous trips), so I am not necessarily choosing them randomly. It has a nice ranking system as well that keeps you focused on ensuring a professional and smooth flight, and I really enjoy hearing the boarding music for all airlines and the safety messages. The music and messages can be a bit loud though, so I lower their volume quite a bit to make them blend with the SFX of the sim. I have not heard them all yet so there ends up being more to look forward to, and they just make the game more realistic and enjoyable.

There are at least 100 people using Infinite Passenger every day from what I’m seeing in the stats section.

To be even more extra, ever since I subscribed, I ALWAYS depart from my most recent destination. Doing this adds to the realism for me :)

Ok now I warn you now, this will make me sound incredibly weird:

I use:

Realistic Flight Number
Realistic Flight Plan
Realistic Departure AND Arrival Gate
Realistic Aircraft AND Livery
Realistic Weight&Balance AND Fuel

I use to a program called TOPCAT to work out:

Realistic Takeoff N1
Realistic V-Speeds
Realistic Approach Speed
Realistic Landing Distance and Reverse Thrust

And also:

In-Flight Assistant for all the realistic callouts and In-Flight Operations for filing PIREPS.

I also only depart from the airport I last arrived at (basically a career mode) - I basically follow the Expert ATC around (where possible)

nuff said


I try to keep the flight number, aircraft and livery as close to the real thing as I can as well lol

Where can I find this legendary program?

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