What can make a livery be considered a "Special Livery"?

So I was just searching through the Features section and saw that an old livery request for the National Geographic 757 was closed because it violated the “Special Livery Section” of the new features requirements. I’m just wondering, what can get a livery disqualified for violating this requirement?

The National Geographic organization actually operates this plane as a private aircraft for National Geographic Expeditions. Does the fact that the plane is owned by Icelandic Airways violate the feature requirements?

Here is a link to the feature request in question which I’m referring to:

If the paint design is different or if the airline is sponsoring something. Example would be the Qatar “FIFA World Cup” livery because Qatar sponsors that


I’m still confused on why the National Geographic plane would be disqualified then. The livery isn’t sponsoring anything, and it wasn’t made for an event.

When the National Geographic organization started leasing the plane from Icelandic Airways, they had it repainted to have the NatGeo logo on the side and on the tail, plus the engines. There’s a pic of the plane below.

I can’t answer that for that exact livery. I was just talking about in general.

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oh, okay. Gotcha.

I agree, don’t see how this is a special livery.


Right??? Since National Geographic operates the plane, it would make sense to have their logo on the plane.

Same logic as to why any airline has their logo on a plane.

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Yeah, exactly. Its like a private operator. Just because its not commercial doesn’t mean its special 🤷‍♂️


Wait I’m confused now

Basically, how is national geographic a special livery?

What are you confused by?

National Geographic operates the plane, who leases it from Icelandic Air.

It’s not.

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So isn’t it theirs? They can technically do what they want to it

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That’s our point! My question is, why was the thread closed, with the listed reason being that it is a special livery?

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Because it isn’t an airline

Well then, all the private liveries should not be allowed in the simulator, including the private liveries for the 737 and the A318.

Also it should be specified that non-airlines liveries aren’t allowed as feature requests.


Nor is the US Air Force livery on the B757. Your point?


No comment.

@moderators would it be possible to have the National Geographic Livery Request reopened? Or a clearer reason on why it is closed?