What can ifatc do that training server atc cant do

I just saw a pilot say to atc they are about to run out of fuel, how do you do that, also whats the diffrence between ifatc and training server atc

IFATC can send you back to TS.

TS controllers can’t do anything.


The expert server has extra commands, features etc. Expert server ATC ie IFATC are trained so they have the ability to report pilots who don’t fly in a correct manner.


Facts @Altaria55.

Training server ATC doesn‘t have every command accessible, and also can‘t violate/report people.

You can declare a fuel emergency if you have less than 30 minutes fuel, and have been flying for at least an hour. ATC will either tell you to divert, or get you straight to the ILS.

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One of the main things that IFATC can do that a TS controller can’t is ATIS.

Honestly there needs to be a way for people to learn about these things hand-on before they go to expert.


The hope for the expert server is that we don’t have to report anyone. But obviously we do report if you interfere with other aircraft, enter the runway without permission, and do other reckless things. So, the commands on the training server are the most essential ones and are all you really need. However, the ATIS is a big addition that the training server doesn’t have and you can read about that and many other things in the manual. Hopefully this helps!

Well, people can’t figure out what a “straight out departure” or an “intersection departure” is lol

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That’s what the manual is for! Or, alternatively, you can just use Google.


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