What can I expect on my discovery flight?

Recently I asked Dan on one of the recent livestreams if he has ever been on a discovery flight, as I will be taking my first one on Tuesday, the 22nd of August. Now, let’s just say I am fairly young. Not at all old enough to get a ppl, but I am over the IFC age limit. Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to reach the rudder pedals (😭). I will be on the Cessna 172, I’m pretty sure it’s the old cockpit. I’ve been using infinite flight to memorize all the displays on that aircraft, and I’ve been practicing landing without HUD. The reason I’m posting this, is I’m curious is anyone has stories from there first discovery flight, how it went, what they did, and do we get to land?

Note: Before the discovery flight we will spend an hour in the sim so that will be assuring lol


Hey! Awesome to hear your going on a discovery flight!

You can expect:
•a full run down on the basic functions of the aircraft
•a walk around with the instructor.
*Check Oil/Fuel
•you likely will be in the left seat
•If your instructor is comfortable enough they may let you take radio comms
•You may get to taste how taxiing works as the pilot (If you can reach rudders)
•You can follow your instructor along on the controls during takeoff and landing (some let you takeoff and land if they are comfortable)
•You will be doing a lot of hand flying while in the air during climb, cruise, and descent
•Basic maneuvers can be expected to get a feel for the aircraft in the air
•You can expect a debrief at the end

As for the quizzing, if you show your instructor you have prior knowledge of aviation, they may throw out some basic questions to see what level of knowledge you are at. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.


Thank you! I’m just watching some YouTube vids of people doing there’s, and I’m realizing maybe the instructor will be comfortable with me. Most of these students in said video didn’t know how to steer on the ground or brake! Yes, we all start somewhere, but I guess loving plans my whole life pays off 🤣

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You should expect around a 1 hour flight, just flying around. Every instructor has a different level of experience/trust level so everything can really defer.

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I hope your really looking forward to it.

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Yeah, I took a tour of the place with the guy who works at the check in desk, and we met the instructor, I introduced myself, long story short, he started off with infinite flight too!

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I am very! I’m currently vacationing in Florida rn which is a nice way to end off this trip, by taking this flight, however, there’s a big chance we get cancelled because of thunderstorms, factoring in the time of the flight.

One thing to remember. IT IS WEATHER DEPENDENT. That’s what i kept getting annoyed about when i had my first flight. The amount of times it got cancelled . But as you gain more experience you will be able to fly in rain eventually.

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Tuesday has a 50% chance of thunderstorms, which although seems like it’s unlikely I’m going up that day, that’s the lowest of the percentages all week :/

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Don’t get frustrated as it is just a discovery flight, Everything happens for a reason. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Awesome, Have a great rest of your day/night