What can I expect on a 787

I’m leaving later tonight for an exchange trip and I’m getting to fly aboard a KLM 787-900 flight KL610. I’ve never been or even seen a Dreamliner up close but I’ve heard a lot of great things! What can I expect?


It’s an airplane so it’s going to make noise, it might get a little bumpy, and it will be comfortable


Are we talking about the same Dreamliner ?

I would qualify the 787 as a silent flappy bird, meaning it is astonishingly quiet and its wings like to bend a lot


It still makes noise

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First off, it’s a 787-9. No, this is not irrelevant. Yes, this is a necessary correction.

Anyways, Dreamliners are really cool. You’re kind of at the mercy of your crew regarding how much control you have over the windows, but even locked dark the windows are still pretty nice (and very large). Cabin is relatively quiet although in my experience not as quiet as an A350 (and also not as wide) - neither of which are by a significant margin but something to note.

The A350 is still my favorite commercial airliner to fly on but the 787 is a very close second.


Do they actually lock the windows in dark? When and why? I thought the main function of the universal control would be that they can open them all for takeoff and landing. That would be really frustrating if the windows were locked darkened out.

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Yeah, there are like 5 different stops. They let you have control for takeoff and landing (usually) but during cruise they dim it down the middle setting or the one slightly darker than that. Probably a dual purpose to keep light and heat out.

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I fly through Africa a lot so I use Ethiopian Airlines, hence I am in ETVA. They use the 787 on many routes.

The 787 is a cool bird that is comfortable w/ big windows. I prefer the window seat so I can see the wing flex. I prefer the 787 vs the 350 but I would never turn a 350 flight down.

Get a window seat, enjoy the views, the landings and a better cabin altitude.

I just flew the 787 on Sunday.


Airfrance does it a lot it is really painful when you have a window seat

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Like everyone else here stated The FAs dimmed the window to black during sunset but on my flight didn’t lock them so i was able to re-“open” them every hour or so when they dimmed again.
Though the A350 is by far my favourite wide body to fly I wouldn’t hesitate to fly on a Dreamliner again they are smooth, Fairly quite, and generally comfortable for a 9 hour flight.

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787-9 my fav plane. Where you flying to and from?

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Quick search shows SLC-AMS.

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okay thank u

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Salt lake to Amsterdam


Flown on the 789 twice dont remember it much sadly, but i do know its the 787-9 not 787-900

Cool to see another person from Utah. KL609 and KL610 are some of my favorite flights to watch on FR24. I always try to spot KL609 when they fly over my house. It’s how I feel in love with KLM.

I’ve never been on a 787 unfortunately but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, it’s in the the name; a dream. Quiet. Smooth ride. Easily one of the safest and most advanced passenger planes on Earth. You’ll have a blast.

Hopefully I can ride on one in the near future on KL609. I want to take DL56 (A330-900) to Amsterdam and KL609 (787-9) back to Salt Lake as a bucket list item.

I wasn’t aware till now that the cabin crew controls would be used to override passenger control.

On JAL and United I thought I found I could always have final complete tint control.

I would hate to be blocked from looking outside. Otherwise, I love the windows on the 787. The ability to tint to your liking was one of the coolest improvements.

The 787 massively increased the pleasure of flying on United. JAL was always good. But it made the experience even better. Not just the windows, but the other improvements in lighting, toilets, passenger entertainment system. And it’s very cool watching what all the wings do.

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Just gonna add a KLM 787-9 review
Its from Toronto but you can get a feel for what the sest will look like and what not
If that doesn’t help just search up on Youtube and pick one:)

I’ve flown 787s from Air Canada and Scoot and both of them locked the shades (day flights). Although, the full tint isn’t really a block. You can still see what’s outside perfectly fine, it’s just a little bluer.

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Ok, that’s good to hear. I was a bit concerned for all of us who have to constantly look out the window.

I found that United had to set a policy: United Airlines to Flight Attendants: Stop Overriding the Electric Window Shades On Boeing 787’s