What can I do when someone doesn't follow atc instructions?

Sometimes, they don’t listen ATC instructions when takeoff, landing, approach etc…

You know it is not realistic. What do you do when you get the situations like this?

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If it’s on training server, then nothing. There are no officials ways to enforce the way people fly on TS. You just have to accept it (or join IFATC if you want high quality pilots).

Join IFATC then you can ghost them. Sadly on the training server there is nothing you can do.


IFATC is open for those who meet the requirements and are always looking for more controllers to join the massive effort.

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You can’t do much if on Training server. The smaller airports I control, only 1-2 people don’t listen. I just tune them out, which helps keep it more real for me with those that do listen.

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First of all…make sure you, as a controller know what you’re doing.
I see you’re new on this forum, and it’s great you are here. Air traffic controller on Training Server, can be great fun, as long as:

  1. you don’t pick the obvious airports such as KSFO, KLAX, EGLL, etc because they’re a magnet for noobs
  2. You pick airports with enough wind to show one part of the runway as red. Pilots will be less inclined to go to red runways
  3. know your stuff. Pilot recognize a level of professionalism and they do (yes, not all) respond to it.
  4. you are prepared to live with idiots, well willing learners, etc and work around them.

This is really helpful. I used to struggle with atc instructions without fun because it isn’t realistic.

I practice my atc skills!

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