What can I do to avoid this

I’m confused on what I should have done in this situation.

So I was flying into Madeira today and it was very busy as expected.
I was given vectors for the visual runway 05. (After 2 go arounds a due to aircraft on the runway)
After many different vectors, I was given the heading 330, which I followed but I was about to hit a side of a mountain so I turned right to avoid a collision which put me on the approach. I was confused on what I should do next so I was about to do another go around but got a level 2 violation.

I’m just interested in what I could have done differently to avoid a situation like this again in the future.

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Level 2 violation for doing a go around or for turning away from the given heading?

Most likely turning away from given heading as that would be not following instructions to some

It was ‘failure to complete instrument approach’
I’m slightly confused what I should have done to avoid this.

Now, I wasn’t there, but did ATC assign you that altitude? you always could’ve climbed. But, if they did:

  1. definitely appeal if you think it’s not your fault because approach put you there
    but also
  2. in the future, it’s probably better to turn away from the mountain AWAY from the approach of the runway, if possible of course.

You can appeal for a violation from here

If you like, you could pm the controller (if you still remember who was controlling there) and ask why he gave the violation and at the same time explain your side of the story

Thank you all for the advice and help.
I don’t think I will appeal I was just wondering what to do in this situation.
Thank you once a gain for the help

If you feel the situation was wrong and you were heading straight for a mountain, and had no other choice then that was out of your control. Then it would be good to get another set of eyes on the situation and appeal the violation.

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