What can I do in this?

So I was doing this flight to South Pole “NZSP” in Antarctica, and I was on Training Server on a B787-10 but suddenly I noticed fuel was so low and I started descent and landed in sea. As I landed, the system thought I’m on a taxi-way and it gave me a violation for exceeding 35 kts. I’m now back on Grade 3…please help me what should I do in this situation?

I’m attaching a link of this video in which you can see I ditched plane into sea but got violation instead. I realise I should’ve done my flight in Casual server.
Violation footage

Device: OnePlus 6
Operating system: Android 11
Latest Version of Infinite flight : 22.8

Quit the flight.


Hey there!

There’s nothing you can do right now, other than wait till you’re back at the previous grade you held, which should be in a week’s time. You just didn’t manage to slow down quickly enough and were given a ground overspeed violation - correctly issued, as the system issues such violations when exceeding 35kts GS outside of a runway.

You’re still Grade 3, though, so you can still access the Expert server just fine!


Bruh! I did slow down really fast in fact extremely fast…I need to show you the HUD footage! Wait I’ll share link to that!

No need to, it’s obvious - hence why you were given a violation to begin with. If something like that happens to you again in the future, just follow Altaria55’s advice above and quit the flight, instead of trying to ditch the plane in the sea. For now, you’ll just be Grade 3 for a week until your violation expires.


Fine! But I noticed that in Antarctic regions Infinite Flight has lines and sharp creases on map.

Is that relevant to your violation?


It may not have been fast enough of a slow down

Some aircraft brake better than others

Also in terms of stopping a water ditch can totally be done, you just need to pretty much stall the aircraft into the ground and then attempt to spin it out by wildly waving the rudder back and forth to induce a ground spin. I was able to get a fairly heavy 787-10 to under 35 knots in less than 10 seconds (I believe the threshold is either 10 or 20) but the fact that you landed at 190 knots pretty much killed your chances of stopping in time.

The speed increased after landing due to some unknown reason. I have to share the HUD so you guys can know how unrealistic it was. See the link below


Edit: I applied full reverse thrusters, park brakes, rudder everything and this happened!

Although it may not, but it is something to bring attention to.

This has happened to me once, 😂 I believe it took 2 weeks to get back to grade 4 I fell asleep while VNAV was armed 😂. Next time I would recommend doing a 350 degree turn to get to a lower altitude, then turning right back around and continue as files.

For Example!

Let’s say you were supposed be at 16,000ft but you were at 20,000ft What I would do is first (if your VS was at 2000 reduce that to 600 or a reasonable VS then turn at a angle of 350 degrees then just level out until a reasonable altitude so VNAV doesn’t pitch at a hard angle. After that turn back onto your fpl)

A easy way is just to lower your speed while descending.

You hit the ground at 184 knots…

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I never engage VNAV when I am going to sleep…it’s better to miss TOD rather than getting violated 😂😂😂


That’s the thing somehow I couldn’t figure out how did it reach so high, everything was normal prior to that.

I mean you were doing 190 knots airspeed what did you expect your ground speed to be, 120?


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