What can I do before the practical exam ?

What can I do before the practical exam ?

What exam in specific?

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Please provide more information in your topics, most of us are not mind readers. The more information you provide, the quicker you will get an answer.

What practical exam are you talking about?


It is under ATC and he is asking about how to prepare for his practical to become ATC on expert. Tips on what he should brush up on ?

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Well, just check if you meet the requirements and contact a recruiter. From there on you go with the process. If he’s at the stage to worry about his practical, he should know what to expect and to do.

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Well first of all you need to become a TL1, so you need to check the requirements for becoming a IFATC they will be below. Once you pass your written exam you can use training from a IFATC Trainer, this will be linked below as well. Finally you can use a ATC tracking thread to practice for the practical exam, for the written exam you just need to know your stuff, use paper and take your time. Here are the links:


Guys, let the OP answer, his inbox will be overflowing!


Practice, Practice, Practice. You don’t want to fail because if you do you need to wait 2-4 weeks to have another shot.

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