What can I do about ATC that reports me unrightfully?

I can even post a replay

Here’s everything you need to know.


Contact the controller can I see who ghosted you go to your replays and take a screenshot there.

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  1. What do you mean by unrightfully?
  2. Go to your logbook and see who was the controller who reported you
  3. PM the controller directly and I’m sure your ‘unrightfully’ will change :)


I see you are a basic member and currently unable to PM the controller.

Therefore, please head into you logbook, look at the flight you got ghosted on, click on the ‘1 report’ and then click the Info button on the bottom to see the controller.

Then send us the screenshot on here and we will be able to @ the controller, he will see this and then PM you.


If you go back in replay and have proof that they reported you without a cause then share that. By IFATC is trained to ghost/report people when they don’t follow the rules on expert server.

We done now. 1 reply was enough for him to go to Controller we have 4-5 though. This can be closed :)

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Our OP is a basic user. The previous posts said for him to PM him when he couldn’t currently at his TL

He can PM , even if he’s basic😉

Edit: TL0- Can’t pm
TL1- Can Pm

If you’re reported by ATC, they surely will have a reason to. Find out who the controller was (go into your logbook and it will tell you) and contact them via DM instead of making an entire thread about it.


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Your controller is @azeeuwnl. PM him and he’ll be happy to talk through your report with you :)


I can’t DM. And infinite flight community is supposed to be a place to ask questions.

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You’re a basic user now, TL1. This means you can PM. Check out this thread which explains how to PM A Beginners Guide to the Forum. The forum is usually the place for questions, however ghosts are usually private matter best discussed one to one to ensure the best outcome for everyone 🙂


Thank you so much

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Oh I’ve been reported by him multiple times. Also don’t expect us to answer all your questions. The Controller who has reported you probably did it for the right cause. I would change your title to How to contact a Controller due to questions on reports.