What can foreflight be used for?


I saw the IF vid about Foreflight, however I do not see a reason why I would use it, can somebody tell me some things it can be used for?
Also, most stuff that is has we have in the game

Foreflight is a great addon for Infinite Flight, but for the high price it is absolutely not worth it. It is primarily used for real-world flying where it is a fantastic tool that can help a ton, and can bring that level of realism into Infinite Flight when you switch over to the digital world as well. But overall, don’t even consider get it unless you’re swimming in money if you aren’t already flying in the real world regularly.

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Foreflight is an app used in real world aviation, packed with features real pilots need. It is not free and not even cheap - we’re talking 99 to 299 dollars per year. Some simmers use it, but as DeerCrusher says, if you don’t have it for IRL flights or starting IRL flying already, it will be a waste of money.


wonder why IF partnered with ForeFlight when there are cheaper sim focused alternatives, such as NaviGraph…

Foreflight provides a bunch of flight data, VFR charts and the like. Navigraph provides aeronautical charts and we already have SID, STAR, and approach data now. I don’t see a practical application of NaviGraph in IF and I believe that is why the devs didn’t add it :)

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