What Callsign should be used for test flights/ aircraft delivery flight?

Hello, Just a small question I’m wanting someone to specifically answer & it’s what callsign is usually used when aircrafts are preforming test or even delivery flights. I’d also be interested if maybe anyone could personally suggest a realistic aircraft delivery route that you’ve tried in IF…

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I use TEST FLIGT (number)

How about LFBO - EDDM in the Lufthansa A350?


Don’t know if I’m wrong, but I’ve seen several ferry/delivery flights use one 9 or two at the beginnings of their flight numbers, usually four digits.

Example: DAL9922. A 777-200LR Delivery from Paine Field (KPAE) to Atlanta (KATL)


It really depends on the airline. Singapore Airlines uses 8XXX and Qatar uses 3XXX.


for a special flight number
eg: Lufthansa A350- callsign: “Lufthansa 350”

Asiana A350: " Asiana350

Jetblue A321: " Jetblue 321"

It depends on prefrence though but I suggest a commemorative callsign. :)

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For ferry flights - I always do [Airline] 9XXX

XXX is the ICAO code of the aircraft:

A321: 321
A350: 359
B737: 737/8/9
787: 788/9/1


If it’s a delivery flight, then use the airliine’s callsign, and if it’s a test flight by a manufacturer, just use it’s callsign.

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Test flights should be the manufacturers name. Like Boeing is BOE and Airbus is AIB, but when delivering it’s always different. Some airlines have it the same like their callsign but with the aircrafts number as the flight number. But if you replicating one in real life. Look it up and track it. It will help. Not a lot of activity during these times though :)


Lufthansa use 99XX for such flights normally.

SWISS uses 5XXX if I am not mistaken…

For test flights at Airbus they use Airbus and some kind of alphanumerical number (e.g. Airbus 04BX or Airbus 01BM are currently flying).

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Boeing has been using WH001, WH002, etc for their 777X test flights recently. I could be wrong but that is what Flightradar24 is saying.

Thanks for the responses, ya’ll gave me a lot of information.

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I would say use TestFlight or Boeing

Love how it fits my regular callsign which is always 350 😂

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