What callsign does this use?

What callsign does the backup presidential plane use in real life. I know the 747 is AF1 but I would guess that the 737 is different

Air Force 2 or 3

Ive always wondered about this too… It could just be a normal callsign

Ok thanks.

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You’re welcome mate

Your right I think it is Air force 2 or 3

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I would guess Air Force 3 would be the 757 for the Vice President

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Check out this then

Air Force 2 is any USAF plane carrying the VP but not the president.


Ok so it’s probably AF1 still then if It has the president l. Trying to be realistic in IF lol

Special Air Mission? (SAM xxxxx)🤔

Oh, i didn’t know that! So i guess Air Force One is the president’s plane, and Air Force Two is the vice president’s plane! Makes sense.


Air Force 1 is not a plane, it is the call sign of any plane with the president onboard…

Yes, that actually is true, believe it or not!

AVALON with the 375th AW, Scott AFB, IL
BOXER With the 201st AS, DC ANG Joint Base Andrews MD
HOOK With the 1st AS Joint Base Andrews MD
MANGO With the 15WG/65th AS Joint Base Hickam-Pearl Harbor AFB HI
SPAR With the 76AS Ramstein AB GE

Your call!


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Here’s a list of Military callsigns

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@TheFlyingGuy1 Air Force 1 is actually not only for the B747. It is for any airline with the president onboard.

Air Force Jet**
Anything else falls under that branches name, when POTUS Bush flew a Navy jet to the carrier that aircraft flew as Navy One