What C-130 should I get?

Just asking…

  • AC-130
  • C-130H
  • C-130J
  • C-130J-30

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Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn’t find it.

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I would get the one with the Belgian Air Competent livery. That Indian Chief on the side looks badass!


All of the above. The ships are outstanding!

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I’d only get one of them, I’m saving my money.

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Why? They don’t fly any different. :/

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They do, as per my expts

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Just get live+ and have them all


All of them

In some weeks is Christmas, so take money from your relatives and buy Live+ ;)

get the J. Most versatile liveries and best suited for global.
-Hurricane hunter is nice for global as soon as it is here,
-Coast Guard is self explaining also nice to use ( already ),

  • Moody AFB is just your standard livery
  • 50 years edition is super cool,
  • and the RAF has a special feature with the refuel rod.

It’s a boom

I got the C-130H.
I’ll leave the poll open in case someone needs it. :)

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