What browsers do you use for the forum?

I use Discourse Hub (The Discourse app), but when it doesn’t work, I use Safari (iOS) or Google Chrome.




I use the Discourse app when I’m not near my PC and use Chrome normally

Do you want me to make a “part 3” of this to add other browsers?

You can just add other browsers to this topic in a new poll as editing the original one will reset it :/.

I personally use environmental browsers for the forum like in the bellow:



On my iPad and IPhone I use Firefox. On pc it’s usually chrome

What if i use Safari and Chrome?
I took Safari because i use that a bit more.

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I use Opera. It’s so underrated.

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I’ve never heard of some of these browsers in my lifetime 😂

Non-safari and chrome users: TrIgGeReD

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I used to use opera. It is good. I use chrome as it works fast for me.

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I think I’m only gonna use Ecosia now 💪


Pro tip:

Use both Lilo and Ecosia. ;)

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What’s lilo?

Lilo is like Ecosia, a environmental browser.

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Oh thanks 😊

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Your welcome mate.😊

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If I didn’t show a browser that you use in the poll, please say the browser that you use in the comment. 😊

I use google chrome on an iPad 🙄🤔

I just don’t like the design of Safari 🤭

Sorry, was using wrong account

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You left out edge, I’m disgusted 😡

Currently having to use edge on my phone as chrome is broken

On desktop is use the new developer previews of chromium edge browser… I just love it for some reason 😍

Edit: both chrome and edge have their uses for me on desktop. It’s incredibly useful as I run dual monitors to have them both open at certain times

Where straight minded people dig trees up if you use their search engine

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