What browsers do you use for the forum?

Hello everyone, since the previous topic is closed, I decidate to make a “part 2” of this.

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Ecosia
  • Lilo

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What’s ecosia i forgot

Here’s the question though, is this really needed? In my opinion it’s just cluttering up the forum more.


Ecosia is a browser that they plant trees.



Ohk I forgot thanks

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Safari uses google chrome unless you change it. I use DuckDuckGo

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Ecosia does something about all their funds go to planting trees.

I use Google Chrome, but have he IFC pinned to my homescreen as I don’t use a pc at all.

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I use Chrome for my laptop and Safari for my phone.

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I also use Safari on my phone and Google Chrome for my laptop

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Do you look at your screen whilst on the IFC?

#off-topic rip.


Lol @Ecoops_123


Computer: Chrome
Mobile: Discourse App

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I use Brave (Chromium)

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Google, I just like it.

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Tor browser works pretty good for me. 🤷

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I use none of those. I use discourse hub

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder. It is not necessary to be so sarcastic and harsh to the OP?
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Lets stay on topic please.

  1. This is in the #meta category which is for forum related items.
  2. This is a valid question which can introduce people to new browsers

3) I don’t remember so many people being promoted to moderator :)


Thank you @HiFlyer for shedding light on this issue.

Anyway, I use Safari(iOS) as I access IFC mostly on my iPhone and iPad, on PC which I seldom use, I prefer Mozilla Firefox since it is very easy to use.

Safari on my phone and Chrome on my Mac. Chrome is the best computer browser don’t @ me

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