What Branch of the Military would you Choose?

I’m envious of your choice, you will love the strike eagle and it’s mission. You flying the T38 right now?

What base are you at right now. Sheppard AFB

Yep! I’ve finished up sims and academics. Dollar ride yesterday got weather cancelled =/

None @Leonard_Paulson

My wife’s parents live in Ipswich Suffolk, is that near you.

Pilot within the air force. Most likely air tanker or c17

They’re not that close in English terms, but un US terms they’re close, about 120Miles

I think I would join the coast guard as a c130 pilot.

isn’t great that you can fly with pilots all over the world.

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I’d join the Royal Navy and fly the AW101 Merlin helicopters.
Those guys have a serious amount of fun.

Did you attend the USAFA or another college? I was stationed at USAFA from 1992-1997 over seeing the aircraft maintenance program there. The UV18, T41, T3, and Gliders.

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You must be British!

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I’m hoping to become a US Naval Aviator. Marines for the Bravo Lightning, Navy for the Superbug.

I would go C17 probably because I would think flying a tanker your constantly flying an orbit to refuel other aircraft.

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Though I was in the Air Force, if I was single I would fly in the Navy landing and taking off carriers. That would be exciting.

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I’d stay with the Air Force but have always thought it’d be awesome to be a DV driver on the Gulfstream (C-37).


That is a beautiful aircraft.

Ha army for me would be my choice since I already had six years in Sappers lead the way but if I was allowed to fly I I would of choosen the AH-64 APACHE

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That would have been fun the Apache…Thank you for your service

I would do it all over again and still join the army as an infantryman! Though this time I would go for a Warrant Commission and fly them Kiowas