What Branch of the Military would you Choose?

My fellow fliers, if you had your choice of military branch to serve in, what would it be. For me I chose the Air Force working on the A10 Tank Killer and the F16 Falcon.


I don’t really understand

Being that all of us enjoy flying what branch of Military would you choose to fly, would be a better question. Thank you for helping me clarify to all.

Air force with the F35 and Eurofighter (I’m british)


Good choice of aircraft…

A one with the F-35C in it! 😃

So far the F35 is becoming popular and the Air Force

I would fly with the Red Arrows, for all you Americans, it’s the RAF’s squadron. It’s the British version of the Blue Angels


RAF C17 or C130 on route to this

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When I was stationed in England in the USAF I was fortunate to see them perform… I was impressed

I have been fortunate enough to have flown on both the C17 across the Atlantic and the C130 all over Europe.

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Coast Guard!!! :)

HM Coastguard or RAF.

The North Sea is brutal for the Coastguard.

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The North Sea and North Atlantic is cold…

I chose the USMC and became a midshipman for the JAG mos

That is great! My brother was in the USMC to and completed 10 yrs rank of E6. Thank you for your service


Yeah my father was also in the USMC… Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish due to an injury but I had the time of my life and would recommend to anyone.

@Leonard_Paulson, thank you for your service. I chose the USAF. halfway through pilot training and shooting for the strike eagle.

Coast Guard with any aircraft