What BA planes have you flown on?

  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A380
  • 727
  • 737
  • 747
  • 757
  • 767
  • 777
  • 787
  • Concorde
  • E jet
  • L1011
  • Other (please reply if so)

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I am aware that some aircraft are not in their fleet but they were at some point.

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None yet… Unless you count codeshares

Love BA 😍! I usually fly in the A320 because of our holiday destinations.

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Flown on a lot of them. :)

All apart from last two

You’ve been on Concorde?

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I’ve benn on there Saab 2000 (operated by eastern)

A320 is the best!

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Yeah I was very little but it was great

None. Hopefully I get to fly with them on there 747 before they get dumped.

They’ve been renovating, so you have plenty of time.


I was on the old 777 and 747 when they used the remotes for media. Also the A319 and A320 renovated ones were great.

None of them

I will be really surprised if any of our forum members have flown in a concord. It was terminated in 2003 so it is possible

Never! I’ve never flown them

101% agree! Love that plane. That was the plane where I got to go up to the flight deck. The captain and first officer were soooo nice! With BA obviously!

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I’ve flown their 777-200ERs the most, on DEN-LHR and back several times, before they upgraded that route to a 747-400. I’ve done short hops on the A319/320s, and years ago I flew the 757-200 on a Rome-Heathrow flight. I love BA!


Ive flown on their 777-200ER’s two from gatwick(st lucia and orlando)
And one from heathrow to dubai. All regs: G-VIIU to st lucia and back from orlando, G-VIIR to Orlando and G-VIIG with the new refurbish back from Dubai.
Also a 747 to Miami ten years ago and to dubai last year. Reg:G-CIVT
plus loads of A320’s around europe

hi, just wondering if anyone could tell me how to create a topic, and i have flown in ba 777

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