What Aviation Jokes do you Know?

I just am thinking since all the aviation joke forms are closed. What AvJokes do you have? Sadly I don’t know any. :(

Let the funniness begin.

Probably a reason for all the topics closed down 😉. Probably not a good idea to make a new one. These topics turn:

  • off-topic
  • inappropriate
  • arguments
  • etc…
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Don’t you always say that?

Edit: Well the police busted us. Why can I never post a topic that doesn’t get closed?

Wanna know how to make a small fortune running a charter airline?

Start out with a large one!

What’s the difference between a fighter pilot and God?

God doesn’t think He’s a fighter pilot.

However, this will probably be closed :(

Just had to post these

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There is a reason the old one was closed.

  1. It had nothing to do with Infinite Flight and after all this is an Infinite Flight community, not a general aviation message board.

  2. People just stole jokes from the internet, some were inappropriate or made fun of other airlines or incidents.

  3. After a while people started to argue with each other and then flag everything.

Thank you for understanding.