What aspect of the game keeps you playing IF?

As the title says, What aspect of the game keeps you playing IF? There are many things such as multiplayer, graphics… For me its the multiplayer. I get to practice real world procedures with other people. Multiplayer (to me) is one of the most important things about IF. You don’t get many other MOBILE flight sims with multiplayer…Without multiplayer, FNF wouldn’t be possible. Multiplayer just keeps me coming back for more :) Feel free to add your opinion below!

I really hope this isn’t a topic already

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Everything. That good enough?


The multiplayer was a big part of it. The first time I played it I loved it so much and started playing it so much more. The multiplayer of course has resulted in the forum being created aswell as it’s thanks to that in my opinion gives Infinite Flight the wow factor along with it’s other features.


The fact that it no longer feels like an app but rather a community.


Not being able to afford a decent PC for p3d or xplane


Landings !!

Buttering them smoothly (At least trying to) is my favourite part.

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The fact that it feels like an experience rather than a game. Plus the graphics keep improving subtly. Look at the Rocky Mountains now vs last October and tell me there isn’t a difference. It is incredible.

I love flying to different places across the world. There always seems to be something new. I have noticed that Africa would be so much prettier if the scenery was better. I love trying new approaches and doing flights that not many people fly on. There always seems to be another opportunity to see something new. This is why I keep playing.

For me, it’s because it’s the best sim experience I have available. I have MSFSX with PMDG and Aerosoft addons, and although they are far more realistic and complex, my computer cannot handle it. The frames are way too low and I’ve always wanted to have something smooth. I never thought my alternative would be a mobile sim, but one day I downloaded it after not playing for years and saw the massive update and all the aircrafts. The global update and multiplayer keep me playing the game

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I think the main thing that keeps me is also the main thing that pushes me… I love emirates. I want to fly for them and I am extremely happy that they have my favourite plane in the game (A380) however this plane was added in 2012! Unless they are to remaster this plane or any of the other large Airbus planes (or even add the 350) my time on infinite flight may not be too much longer…

I think there is an unwritten rule about not tagging the devs. I did not know either

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This is similar to

Btw my favorite is the wing flex (-:

Oh woops sorry about that

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True, but that other topic is very old, and was made pre-global

Sleeping on the job (overnight flights) Lol

The community. No mobile FlightSim game really has the outreach in terms of the community, support staff, VAs, events, and updates that IF has, not to mention global :)

the Realism™ on a mobile platform of course…

it’s not 100% but by far IF is the closest one.

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An affordable, mobile, and scenic flight simulator with outstanding graphics.

Landing and viewing earth from above while your cruising for sure but for a while now flying in busy areas of all other countries just to mix with different nationalities. You see all kinds of unique names and their info. I’ve even tried sending messages, in their language, just to say “What’s up?!” Trying to “fly with or follow” people ain’t working out to well… flashing my landing lights and wing waving ain’t working either but hey I’ll fly with anyone!


The community! Absolutely, kept me going