What are you're best tips for fuel saving?

I find myself often just on the edge when flying long distances, so what are you’re best fuel saving tips?

just shut your engines off


Follow this guide from Andrew Wu.

Your Ultimate Guide to Infinite Flight Fuel Burn + Fuel Calculator [40 AIRCRAFT]

With the appropriate altitudes and the flight time you can accomplish.


in some twin engine aircraft, u can turn off 1 engine mid flight ( i recommend only doing this for emergencies)

for 4 engine aircraft, turn off 2 of the closest engines

Always carry and additional 1-2.5 hours of fuel depending on the duration of the flight as it gets longer add more extra fuel and second is knowing what level should your plane with its weight fly at if you’re flying a 350 or a 787 you’ll probably be fine at high altitudes like FL370+ but if you’re flying a plane like the 777 it can’t handle high altitudes when it’s heavy so after you takeoff with a heavy 777 you gotta be at FL280-320 and go higher as you go on which is called step climbing

But Andrew wu’s graph gives you a perspective on kinda of where should your plane be at its not the only right one and you should only listen to it but it gives you the idea

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But that’s only when your plane is light not when it’s carrying 70% load maybe if it’s carrying 0-25% this should apply to even to the comment above it

i was actually flying ATL-ICN in a B77W a few weeks ago and i managed to hold altitude with 1 engine for a major portion of the flight

And you should also pay attention to detail in Andrew’s graph if the difference is little it doesn’t hurt to go to that altitude

Only take the passengers luggage with you, not the passenger themselves. Stepclimb also helps a lot.


Stop drinking it.


When at a busy airport (this happens all the time during fly outs and generally in airports where IFATC is staffed) and there is a long lane of planes to the runway, shut off one engine, and when you are first in line, start it up again.

easy for u to say, ur not a fueloholic :(

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IFC: If we don’t get new engine sounds we’ll riot over the lack of realism.

Also the IFC:

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we never said we wouldn’t cause a stall… accidentally

Aeronautica Roblox moment

I always have 2-3 hours of fuel added to the total time of flight to have enough resting fuel just in case ATC has me flying around the airspace during approach.

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