What are your top scariest approaches / landings on the expert server?

Hello Infinite Flight community, so I am just curious over your time on the expert server what are your top 5 scariest approaches and or Landings you’ve ever had to make and did it warrant a violation?

Feel free to be as detailed as you like.

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You may pick up to five approaches and 5 landings, please be sure to use proper separation for easier reading.

Thanks for reading and participating!!


the hardest landings are when you land oversized planes at small airports, like a 747 at Lukla


thats basically impossible but like a 747 at Paro is possible


One of my intimidating landings was at CYVR after a 5 hour flight from CYYZ in the 777-300ER. The winds were gusting close to 40kts from a 45 degree angle. Probably popped a few tires on touch down ahaha.

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So far my all time scariest Landing was under FireCrackers Air Traffic Control command at Seattle today I was on Runway 16R and was issued a go around due to a slow aircraft exiting the runway when I executed the go around I made a tight pattern and ended up entering for landing coming at a side angle to the Runway resulting in me having to make a sharp right turn directly over the runway in order to safely Save The Landing luckily there was no other traffic for that Runway so it did not result in a violation


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During pattern Full Stop

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Ahaha yea I thought you were putting on an airshow for a sec there!


It was definitely terrifying! I was wondering what other Pilots were thinking LOL

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Most likely the same thing I was! haha


Landing the 777-200LR at VILH with @Noodle_Duck & @sanketpandia and landing the A321 at VQPR & LOWI


Can B77W even land at Leh? Ik the rwy is long but its at very high altitude too @RadarVectors_Mumbai

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I took the 77L not 77W and rest had the 747-400

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Same thing

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A321 at LESU. Ran out of fuel so I had to divert there. It was not fun.

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Sounds terrifying 😳

😂💣 wanna go again?

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Wasn’t that scary but just recently trying to land in 300m visibility into SEQM runway 36 without ILS in a KLM 77W… came in too high twice before making it


OPGT / Gilgit with a 777

Ideally you should have diverted😂😂 300m without ILS is a no no 😅

Paro ofc
Tivat on the circle to land
Innsbruck kind of

I landed at a busy EGLL on expert server. So confusing layout and 3000000000 inbounds.

(was still a grade 3 and didn’t joined the community

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