What are Your Thoughts on this Feature Idea for ATC?

What do you guys think about a feature that would allow ATC to visually kick incompliant aircraft into a permanent “VFR mode” for the rest of their flight within the server and/or time limit.

They can see everyone and participate in the server, but only if they receive a guard warning to come on the frequency. Otherwise, that pilot is solo. If they do not stop annoying other pilots, then they would be ghosted. It would essentially be a preliminary warning to ghosting to keep the pilot in the server for HIS/HER benefit and then further action would be taken.

I feel like this would allow pilots the opportunity to learn from perhaps a mistake/mistakes with ATC, and separate those that simply aren’t being cooperative.

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He was asking for suggestions and/or opinions. I think this can stay where it is.

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If you are referring to the Training Server then my suggestion is no this is not a good idea since this server is dedicated to those in training. If you are referring to the Expert Server then I would say our ATC’s on this server already have the authority to ghost. Also, @Cpt_Chris has been working diligently to revitalize the training server with the implementation of Air Traffic Controllers to clean up the Training Server.


I’d like to see this implemented at one time, granted there’d have to be some sort of way to reduce the amount of trolls that use his feature, maybe it’d only apply to certain TS controllers, being that expert controllers already have this ability

War Eagle for life ;).

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Why do you think VFR means you don’t have any controller contact?


I personally think this would be an overall good solution. But an idea like this would need a lot of defining. If the quirks can be worked out, I would love to see this!

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Gonna +1 this. I’ve flown some long VFR flights and been in contact with ATC the entire time.


Yep me too. This isn’t a solution to anything!


There “forum” pilots. Went to Class C airport and had atc all the way and was VFR and even when I go on short cross countries still have flight following


MaxSez: Obviously just another ill conceived TS1 suggestion. As always the server was not identified in the topic as the trainer so it could be ignored. Great minds have determined that the Training server is for Training. Training is defined by Webster as; “The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior”. Yes there are Animals within the IF community, most of them fiddle about on TS1 but all in all they’ll learn and will eventually sore with the IF Eagle, get suspended or meet the Ghost give the nature of the beast, Live with it, What you see is what you get. Just Sayin

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Having flight following is always a good idea, it’s another set of eyes watching your back.

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It is. Expecially in busy airspace I like it or near busy airports

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Hello, I think (as some IRL pilots have told you) that even when VFR flights are in contact with ATC. And yet I think that unfortunately the degree of maturity and seriousness of many users is not at the level, there would be a chaos.
So not a good idea for me.


No. I’d hate it.

If you can’t behave, you get ghosted. See it as a privilige, as you now how a full 7 days to figure out what you did wrong. No stress!


I was referring to the TS server, and I assume you’re talking about IFTSATC?

Some people on TS1 don’t even know what flight following is. IRL I use flight following even on thirty minute hops between Atlanta, GA and Auburn, AL. We can’t help that though since not everyone who downloads the app can be expected to know that. Overall it looks like TS1 being cleaneaned up by IFTSATC should be sufficient. I appreciate the input so far!

That wasn’t my implication. But, if you kick someone to where they cannot contact ATC, that makes them VFR, by definition.

You should re check your definition of VFR.


“Visual flight rules (VFR) are a set of regulations under which a pilot operates an aircraft in weather conditions generally clear enough to allow the pilot to see where the aircraft is going.”-Wikipedia (great source, I know)

If it’s a clear day out and you’re not in contact with ATC with a filed IFR FPL (most of real-world GA considering the Midwest USA), you’re VFR. IF doesn’t support weather in the traditional sense aside from winds and purely visibility (in the form of fog). So, using weather conditions as the FAA defines it in this case is pointless.

Here’s the FAA definition
VISUAL FLIGHT RULES− Rules that govern the
procedures for conducting flight under visual
conditions. The term “VFR” is also used in the
United States to indicate weather conditions that are
equal to or greater than minimum VFR requirements.
In addition, it is used by pilots and controllers to
indicate type of flight plan.