What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

I agree. The Cessna 172’s cockpit view should be updated with working instruments and the pilots. More liveries should also be added as well.

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As the C172 is probably the first aircraft someone would fly after buying the sim, I’d have to agree that it should be the nicest airplane in the sim, but the XCub is going to be so nice. Any update or addition to the general aviation fleet is welcomed by me as someone who flies them regularly.


Yes, and the Super Decathlon is super outdated, the X Cub is in a category on its own. Just like the TBM.

You could not be more wrong. I fly GA as often as I can. The 172 and TBM are two of my favorite planes andI see people flying them almost every time I load in and I’m sure you don’t sure the entire map looking for people people flying planes that aren’t airliners. The devs also said that working on the cub doesn’t affect the development of other planes anyway. Your (wrong) opinion is still appreciated though.

That’s exactly what the X Cub is made for… It is basically a Carbon Cub with different improvements, it can fly faster and longer. The only thing it really suffers is a longer takeoff and landing distance, it can still takeoff and land in a extremely short distance.

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Even if you might think GA is useless, its probably the best airplanes you could fly to get the hang of it. Plus low landing distance means you get to go to airports others can’t reach. Always good to change things up and fly something else than jets.

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On the x Cub though.

Exactly. I do patterns in the 172 any time I can.

Cant wait to fly it! I fly it IRL and its great!

James, this isn’t a criticism of you sharing your thoughts on the XCub! You are completely fair in saying you don’t want more GA. Where I’d like to correct you is the above statement. We have multiple 3D artists, and multiple developers who, when finished an aircraft, can’t sit around twiddling their thumbs. And like we’ve said before, we have so so many reasons for adding the airplanes we do:

  • To satisfy our existing base
  • To attract new users including real world pilots
  • To test and implement new features (working instruments are easier to build and test in smaller planes)
  • To help with partnerships and other marketing opportunities (that makes IF bigger and better… if this happens, the chances of us being able to reduce costs to the end user may increase)

Saying something is a waste of the developers’ time isn’t accurate, at least in this case. Everything has a purpose (even if it fails and we learn).


I mean that’s fair enough and I will fly the XCUB just for like 20 minutes just like most other people will anyway I’m not the boss here so I guess it’s your guys choice.

Excuse me?

There will be hundreds of people which will fly the Xcub Longer than 20 minutes…

Like we said… There are spilt groups on I.F

  • Military Gang
  • GA people
  • Commercial flyers

Honestly my biggest respect goes to the military fans here…I hardly see them complaining about aircraft and honestly they don’t have the best and don’t have much to fly…But they sit back quietly and wait!

Don’t worry the A350 is still coming and so…not sure why you are complaining…and if the Xcub wasn’t made the A350 wouldn’t have been any quicker…Let’s be happy for the Xcub and I honestly cannot wait!


I’m in the military gang and commercial jets gang

Military Gang. ©


It’s cool and all but I’d rather see the 737s, A330s etc reworked, they are the most used planes in the game


I agree completely.

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XCUB testing

How can you prove that she’s in the X-CUB? She’s too far away to see

And you’d rather see those update without us being able to test features in small GA planes that will eventually make their way into the airliners? I don’t think you’re catching what I’m throwing down here.


She’s going 121knt at 6,000ft and A350 ain’t going to be able to do that