What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

For a minute I thought you where the original infinite flight because of your picture

Would love see this XCub!
My friend flying it around Alaska


I cant wait but I think I wont fly with it so often.


As with every plane it’s not always going to be for everyone. The C-130 certainly isn’t one I fly a lot nor the A10, maybe under 10 times in total. The TBM was surprising though, I fell in love with that 😍

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Well. well, well

Infinite flight always like to supirse as all!


I can’t wait to see all liveries for the xCub!

The comment “Both are available” was in reverence to CubCrafters having both available. Not us. That’s not a confirmation of having a working glass instrument. Sorry to burst that bubble.


I feel like the xCub will come this June, just my opinion


Thanks for letting me know that the Xcub will be free.

Personally I see the Xcub as a waste of time for the developers because think about the TBM everyone was using it for like the first 5 days and not you occasionally see if here and there. You never see the C172 or the cirrus SR-22 in the sky or at least never on expert so I think that when it come people will use it for a couple of days and never again where as the developers could have been working even harder on the A350 or what ever B777 re work. Anyway enough ranting.


Well I guess thats your opinion.

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The question was what are your thoughts and I gave them 😀😀😀

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You sure did.

I’ll look forward to the features it brings and maybe fly it a couple of times. However I’m not a big GA flyer. But it will be good for the people who like the GA’s who will have another one to fly with!

The TBM is used far more often than you might think. You probably don’t see it because you’re not in the areas where most of them are flown (guessing you’re a commercial jet kind of guy), and they’re usually used for shorter flights :)


I see the TBM everywhere!


It’s one of my favourite aircraft and group flying is the best with the TBM

Well I guess that could be true. I fly commercial and military jets. But is still get round the world. At the moment I’m flying KEWR-WSSS.

We really need more GA planes, especially bush planes for cross country flying, such as DHC-2, Piper Cub etc.


Personally I think people would prefer the Cessna to be updated, because the XCub wasnt really suggested by the community from what I know of. Hopefully this will be the first comment not to get removed by staff. Please don’t it is literally every comment.