What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

Absolutely! GA in real life is amazing. I feel like flying them in IF is different, because it is a lot harder to get a feel for the aircraft. You end up flying instrument more times than not.

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The subscription is for all aircraft + global, therefore it allows to fly all new aircrafts once they are released.

Even though I would of loved a C152 the XCub is going to be great for island hopping

Since it’s already in beta testing, I would say maybe 1 week to 1 month

We do not know anything about the release date and IF usually doesn’t publish them. There could always be an unexpected delay and users certainly wouldn’t be happy about that. Happened to the South America satellite imagery just recently.

Here’s a fun one in case you missed it! (video)


Notice that there is music in the video. Maybe we are getting a new engine sound ;)

Interesting theory - it had nothing to do with that though. I just wanted some cool music.


I see:)
The cockpit looks great, im excited to try it out!

And it’s for everyone, not just for subscription buyers

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I honestly forgot about the XCub…

Just to inform you all!

Xcub will be free and no Pro Subscription needed!


@George_Anastasis that is what this comment was for lol

should make it a bit more obvious…was hiding away with the other comments lol


Confirmed livery as indicated on the latest WIP: N500XC


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We haven’t seen that livery yet on the exterior of the aircraft. Just like the TBM in Infinite Flight, it displays one singe registration on every livery if I can remember correctly. The Cub may have that as well currently. We will just have to see it with our eyes first before we can be sure that it is confirmed.

Well animated cockpits are deffinetly something infinite flight is adding to all there aircraft now.

Omg, stop. I’m so excited lol

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Love it… but i can’t stop thinking of those tires

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Don’t think that they wiol add them, but hey any thing is possible and well have to see what they have coming for us.