What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

Thanks mate!
Respect it’s really important in this life and also in this Community, it looks like I am a teacher or a granfather giving advices :):)

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No problem.😁

Since I’ve heard the Xcub is coming to infinite flight!.. My youtube recommend has been full of all sorts of tail traggers videos and since the Xcub my interest to GA has increased sooo much!

Can’t wait

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Me too! I just wish there were more videos about the xcub! I can’t wait.

I’m excited for this. Its going to be cool flying in this plane with some friends.

Agreed! The Cub is perfect for VFR and flying around mountains which would be perfect flying with my friends. I greatly look forward to it as well!


VFR flight will be a ton of fun. Ik it would be hard but some GA days would be perfect

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It’s going be such a fun aircraft I’m extremely excited, I got to hang out with the guys from Carb Cub this weekend really cool guys!

Ok let’s just take a second to acknowledge and thank all the 3D artists for giving us some amazing aircraft. Okay let’s look at this comparison quickly

In the future:
And they still haven’t finished development for the new XCUB how amazing is that.
I just am blown away by how they do this ,I will be for a very long time.
Thank you


I’m extremely excited for more GA however a cub wouldn’t be in my top 100 choices, though it looks amazing… we need more mid/light/heavy corporate jets… only having the CX is still the biggest disappointment, though it is one of my favorites. We also need piston/turboprop twins, big singles Piper Malibu, Bonanza, C210 etc… really anything that cruises in the 120-300kts range… I could wait a long time for another airliner as we have so many, some rework sure but if we do 5-6 GA per 1 airliner I would be a happy pilot… That said I would love the C-5 anytime…


Wonder what that reflection is in the top? Off the dials or maybe some big puffy white things? 🤔


They’re called red herrings to keep internet sleuths occupied with speculating themselves into a coma.


You know I had to do it to em.

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I like how the devs have added the bose aviation headset behind the front seat.

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I’ve read a few posts on here, I understand that people want big jets like the 737 or say 777 to be reworked, but an aircraft like this will be defining GA for Infinite Flight.


Honestly, I like the Draco more than the XCub.

But the XCub is still a cool plane

I’m Really looking forward to see this new GA plane. Is it available as the part of the Pro Subscription?

Infinite flight hasn’t been posting anything about the XCub in a few weeks so they must be close. Fingures Crossed


I LOVE IT! the attention and details put into this 😍 absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to fly this thing soon 👍

Totally agree with you GA has become by favourite, flying them in real life is amazing.