What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

Mate i did not even see it.


Go vote for it then. Don’t reply that here in a XCUB thread. Thanks!


I have @Joseph007

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A reworked C-17 is not relevant in this thread regardless of if you have voted for it or not.


BRO I’m saying that I would rather have the Globemaster be reworked than have the XCUB

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Let’s keep this topic to the little mighty machine XCub ❤️


I don’t really care much for the plane but I guess there are some fanatics with some meaningful sway on the forum. Honestly, I only heard of this plane when someone made a topic about the STOL world record and have never seen a feature request so I was surprised when it was announced.


I think we can say the XCub will have functional instruments. (Not confirmed)

On the A10 we do have for example a functioning fuel gauge. So I wondered if and how the do make a functional fuel gauge in the cub. Now you do think how hard can it be… well here ist the „gauge“.

Let me know your thoughts.



Very well said sir, thank you for that post.

I really don’t understand your constant negative attitude, your highly demanded aircraft the A350 is finally coming, as well development post regarding all future projects.

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My thoughts are something to look forward too as we ain’t all excited about the A365 🙃


This thread is for stating your opinion. He is simply saying he is not looking too forward to the XCub, and I don’t think there’s such a big problem with that :)

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We don’t just use “the forum” when deciding how to develop the app.


I feel the same way tbh


The primary drive for this aircraft is to serve as a replacement to the Decathlon which is arguably the most outdated aircraft on Infinite Flight. Our mission is, and has been, to bring our fleet to the same standard through reworks, whether soft or from the ground up, along side the new additions (A350).

This aircraft had less to do with the forum and more to do with an ongoing effort to improve everything within the app to the same standard you expect from us today.

As an additional note, aircraft such as the Cub provides a level of diversity we currently do not have, attracting new users who may now see Infinite Flight as relevant in their training and every day aviation development. We firmly believe the lovers of everything general aviation have a place here in our community as well.


I just want to take a second to thank the staff, particularly Jason, that have jumped in here to answer questions and articulate the thinking behind the XCub. It really is helpful, and whether we “like” the decision or not, we are at least better able to understand it.

That being said - I would love if this type of communication continues to become more proactive rather than reactive. I know this is a stated goal (and things like the Development Timeline are a positive step), but I think this thread shows there is still a gap and helps outline how to bridge it. There is great progress being made on explaining what is happening, but there may be an opportunity to invest even more in the why.

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Though I appreciate the feedback and encouragement, I feel the why was explained and politely disagree. Prior to the post we made this week, there was no public knowledge of the Cub in development. In that post we clearly stated it would be replacing the Decathlon.

If you follow the pattern of reworks, from the B787, A10 and on, coupled with many statements of intent to rework our fleet to a similar standard, it seems the why would be rather obvious here.

We’ll continue to remain transparent and keep the community informed as news becomes available! 🙂


Please keep the Super D =(


What Tyler said is bang on. Everyone is free to either love or hate the xCub. Not every plane is going to please everyone. And our reasoning is clear (replace the Super D). However in addition to that, I’ll add that there are always business moves in the background (partnerships with content creators, investments into the aviation community, marketing opportunities, etc) that we simply cannot and will not discuss with our customers ahead of time. For one thing, they may not pan out. But also, sometimes we just can’t talk about business moves for confidentiality reasons. It’s as simple as that. :)

So I agree - nice feedback and encouragement and it’s our pleasure to communicate more and more, but we need a little grace when it comes to being able to surprise you now and then (whether its a requested by the community feature or not).



I do that route but from lax all the time in the 17q