What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

Lol, that’s the spirit! Name the date when you’ll start, so we could arrange a massive crowd to follow you for Operation Lemmings!

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I concur. More GA needed! :)

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I’m in! This sounds great, while others are trying to set the speed record for the fastest Atlantic crossing we’ll set it for the slowest haha


Please don’t ever say this again 😂


You force me to use strong language to make my point ¯\(ツ)


Ohhh you’re good…😂😂

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I disagree with this.

There are general aviation groups in infinite flight and this aircraft will be a game changer for them. Bush flying is one of the funnest things you can do in this game. I suggest when this aircraft is released, you spawn at KWHP (whiteman airfield) and fly to L35 (big bear) follow the mountains and you tell me how fun it is!


In my opinion IF will get that specific X-factor 😉 with the cub added to the fleet.

I can’t wait to explore the world in the XCub or fly from my local airfield to one of my favorite airport (EDXH).
Furthermore the cub will give us a new challenge because of the taildragger wich we do Lack in a proper quality.

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I just read that this thing can do 1500 ft/min! IF sure does have a thing for high performance.


In real life the CUBX have autopilot. Will it have it in Infinite Flight?


Yes, it’ll have autopilot :)


YES! No way I’m so Happy. by chance you know the XCUB update period?

Since when do we say anything about timeframes? ;)


Well there once was a man…his name was Thomas and Thomas loved to fly. Although he was told that he would never be able to fly commercially that didn’t stop him from trying his best to accomplish his goal. He started to invest lots of hours into flying and he even bought a simulator to help him practice flying a 737-700 (his dream plane). Eventually he had earned enough flight time to get his license and fly commercially! He went up to all the people that doubted him and told them that he knew he would get there and that they were wrong. So he got hired by southwest and on it was his first day on the job, he was very exited to start and he wanted to make sure that he did everything perfectly! Everything was going smooth until after takeoff when the plane suddenly went into a nosedive and started descending rapidly. The plane spiraled into the ground killing every one on board except for Thomas. He went to the hospital in critical, condition and when he was able to talk and see, his family introduced him to IF and showed him the XCub and that gave him enough energy to get up off the hospital bed , and run outside get into his car go to party city buy a pilot outfit and put it on. He rushed home grabbed kicked down his door squished a cockroach barefoot and did a very realistic flight on the XCub!

So just like Thomas I will be very exited when it’s released.


I think its what we like to call, a sneaky flex 💪

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Sorry. I’m so happy for the XCUB I want it NOW


Looks like some nice work

Honestly, my first immediate thoughts (and worries) were… Does the IF environment has the correct “physics” to support the STOL performances this baby could do given a good amount of headwind, i.e. float like a butterfly! Otherwise it’d be just another GA (non-sportable). Fingers crossed…

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Out of interest, how many votes did the xcub get on feature request thread?

its true that on a GA aircraft is good for practicing an approach procedure improving landings etc,… but i just can’t ignore scenery, when i used to fly GA in other sim i always look around to enjoy the scenery in low altitude, or getting my GA aircraft in an IMC and try to recover from that. i wouldn’t like to fly GA only to practice landings.

but thats just my thoughts ^_^

i don’t know why but i keep pronouncing the XCUB as X Club >.<