What are your thoughts on the XCUB?

You already can as long as you can get your speed under 35 in the warning period which is not hard. Explore the world! It’s so much fun!


Definitely better then the Champion!

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My Thoughts:
Nice looking and Sporty , i would like to do some Pattern work or Touch and Goes with this Aircraft when ready 😀

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Landing can be done but stop and TO?

At this time, there is still a violation for exceeding 35 on the ground, but there is a warning period. You need to be in the air before that warning period ends so plan accordingly.

Same goes for landing. You can land anywhere but you have to come in slow enough that you can brake to under 35 before the vio.

You can park and turn off the engines anywhere.

Doing this around busy areas with active ATC in expert server will probably get you ghosted as it would in real life, so stick to remote locations.


I did a discovery flight at my local flight training operation the other day. I was guided through the flight process the whole time in a Cessna 172, and was on the stick for nearly all the flight!

I’ve absolutely fallen for GA since then and have flown exclusively the 172, putting around Southwest FL.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this guy and go explore Northward! While I’ve read some pretty disparaging remarks towards GA I’m extremely grateful the devs haven’t forgot about them. Luckily the skies are big enough for all of us, happy flying!

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Thanks for this comment, I was not aware of that. Le sigh.


Ouch mate😢

To keep it real the X Cub is technically able to do this. I know you can do what you say in other AC in IF at the moment by the method you mention; have done land and TO on dessert sand in GAF for SnR in the C208 for example. Or land in a glitch airport in a TBM. You can land an F22,18 16 on a RW within 100 ft of TD or even refuel those in the ocean. The thing is those AC cannot do this in real life where the X Cub can.
Which is why I asked the question on whether the rules will be modified for the X Cub.

My 2 cents: The vast majority of our existing user base loves to pretend they are airline pilots and aspire to be just that. So, they like the process of filing the flight plan, pushing back, taxiing, taking off, setting the autopilot, landing, and parking. What they don’t seem to love is actually flying the plane. We get so many requests to remove violations because they weren’t flying the airplane.

You have to fly our GA aircraft (as is the point). So the XCub and others aren’t here for that first group. They’re a way to show some love to a potentially new set of Infinite Flight users who may want to practice their departure out of a tricky airspace. Or maybe they want to get to know their EFB a little better before they get into a real cockpit. Infinite Flight is perfect for this, but they’re not going to choose a 737 to do it.

These are some of the things to think about when having this discussion. And ask the question, “what might Infinite Flight have up their sleeves for the future and how does this aircraft choice fit in with that?”

What you should know for sure is that we’re not just throwing darts when choosing new aircraft to add :)


Yes yes yes


Hi @jasonrosewell,
I’m wondering, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the oldest (behind the Dethlecon, don’t know how to spell it) in Infinite Flight.
Are there any plans to eventually make a new Cessna 172?

I actually on occasion do fly sometimes on GA, mostly on the TBM930, and occasionally the Cirrus SR22, since they’re fun, and fast little planes :)

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IF is a fantastic way to get flying into your blood. For that you need a very real Commercial, Military and GA mix in the bag! Hats off to IF, you do just that. Some of us try push the limit just for the fun of it.
Having said that, the rules of airspace is an equally important part of the experience. You do that too.

Looking forward to the X Cub on GA.

Sounds good! But considering you guys also have a good amount of people in the community already. Would you consider “adding” what those people already voted for since that’s what the features category is for. I completely understand there is a need for a balance. Just wondering since a good amount of folks of your current community have voted for things they want to see improved.

Of course! Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Our features category is just one way of many that we decide what comes next.


On that blog post that Jason linked… It says it right there!

“We want X”

“This is the phrase we hear the most.” - Jason

We all said that we wanted “X” so they It to us! Now that the XCub is in the works… Everyone is saying that they didn’t want it! Why is everyone so mad about it?! ;)


I’m remaining neutral on this but what I will say is that I’m going to try to cross the Atlantic in this thing.


ya’l need to get over the airline only club. Come on airlines are fun but nothing beats hand-flying in for a difficult approach. The XCub is perfect for that and you get to be adventurous and land next to anywhere with it’s bush flying ability. Get out of your comfort zone and grow your piloting ability. Real pilots dont just push buttons all day they know how to fly the aircraft by hand, eye, and ear only sometimes. IF you just want to fly airlines than I wouldnt say you have the best of piloting abilities. Even the big boys and girls in the airline cockpits go out and do GA flying often and I hear all the time how that is what keeps their love of flying around, not flying the airliner.


Here’s my honest take on the XCub. I’m all in for a wider range of fleet to cater to a more diverse audience and welcome the improved focus on the feature requests of the minority, however, I don’t think IF has the type of scenery to enjoy bush flying.

Bush flying consists of navigating around tougher-to-reach areas and tricky airports and approaches, but virtually all of bush flying is done at a generally lower altitude and around difficult terrain, which is missing in IF.

So am I against the development of the XCub? most certainly not, in fact, I welcome the decision of FDS to introduce this non-traditional aircraft to its fleet. But where will you fly it? At that low altitude, all you’ll see is massive globs of blue, green and yellow, and a reworked airport at best, not challenging terrain.

An aircraft welcome, but needs other aspects of the sim as well for the full experience which IF currently does not have.

All in due time.

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And again, I’d say that this airplane might not be for the average, existing Infinite Flight user who is looking for pretty things to look at. (hint: your GA pilot who’s looking practice an approach procedure while learning new features in ForeFlight). We can’t sell to that crowd unless we have the components to make this possible. Forget the scenery - these pilots want to prepare for the real world from a tech and navigation standpoint. Why do you think we added NDBs back to the map? ;)